Anji of Happy Healthy Vegan shares her complex journey transitioning from going vegetarian in the mid 1980’s, to vegan, to gourmet raw, and then 80-10-10 high carb, low fat vegan.
She details how her relationship with longtime partner, Ryan, figured into her dietary choices and how those choices affected her health and weight.

Watch as Anji goes from a 115 lb teen, to a 120 lb 30 year old, to a 140 lb 40 year old and then finally to the 110 lb 45 year old woman she is today. Not only did she regain her figure, but her youthful looks, with a lessening of the puffiness from her face and darkness around her eyes.

Anji gives a photographic history of her actual diet alongside her body and facial changes, which helps illustrate her story in a compelling way. Her lesson is that processed food, oils, and salts can damage your health, but learning to go without them and switching to a healthy whole foods diet of fruit and vegetables can reverse this damage.

Dr. McDougall describes why it’s so easy for vegans to get fat by eating too many high fat processed foods such as oils and vegan cheeses.
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