What Are the BEST Ingredients to Put in Your Smoothie? 🤔

When you need to make a smoothie as quickly as possible, here’s what you can do:

Focus on greens first:

So before you go straight to the fruit, go to the veggie aisle.

A great resource to use is broccoli. It’s high in Vitamin C and helps with inflammation.

Next is spinach:

It’s a rich source of Vitamin A so it gives you clean and clear skin, and it’s dirt cheap.

Next up is kale:

It’s filled with iron, potassium, Vitamin C and A.

You also want to rip the leaves off the vine to get rid of the fibrous texture.

Next up you can get your fruits:

I like to go with strawberries: they’re high in Vitamin C and help with inflammation.

Then I go with Mangoes:

Frozen fruits are great because they keep the smoothie really cold.

Remember, when you’re building up your smoothie, make it 80% vegetables and 20% fruit.

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