John from interviews Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. You will discover how you can take your plant based vegan diet to the next level to have a greater level of health and extend your life.

You will learn from Dr. Fuhrman how to help prevent cancer and other diseases, maximum your longevity and much, much more

You will discover why Dr. Fuhrman makes the dietary recommendations that he makes, not on dogma but based on published scientific medical studies.

You will learn why some people fail on a vegan diet and some ways you can have a higher probabilty of success.

You will learn 6 most health protective foods so you can start to enjoy them in your diet on a regular basis that will enable you to have a greater level of health.

In this episode, John will ask Dr. Fuhrman the following questions:
00:59 Why is it important to eat a nutrient dense diet instead of a vegan or starch based plant based diet?
06:32 What are some of the most important foods to eat on a nutrient dense plant rich diet?
09:09 Why are nuts and seeds critical on a plant vegan diet for optimal health and longevity?
12:58 What are your thoughts on is a vegan diet being best for everyone?
14:35 Any last comments on the best plant foods people should focus on eating for better health?
17:08 Can Juicing be a benefical part to a nutrient dense plant rich diet?
18:43 How can someone learn more about you and get their questions answered?

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