Indian vegetarian people find it difficult to get food of their choice in Europe . This video will help them to understand where and how they can find vegetarian food .

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How To Survive As A Vegetarian In Europe

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Here’s how to say (or write) “We are (I am) vegetarian. We (I) do not eat meat, fish, or chicken. Eggs and cheese OK.”

German: Wir sind (Ich bin) Vegetarier. Wir essen (Ich esse) kein Fleisch, Fisch, oder Geflügel. Eier und Käse OK.

French: Nous sommes (Je suis) végétarien. Nous ne mangeons (Je ne mange) pas de viande, poisson, ou poulet. Oeufs et fromage OK.
Italian: Siamo vegetariani (Sono vegetariano/a). Non mangiamo (mangio) nè carne, nè pesce, nè polli. Uova e formaggio OK.

Spanish: Somos vegetarianos (Soy vegetariano/a). No comemos (No como) ni carne, ni pescado, ni pollo. Los huevos y el queso OK.

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