Travelling on vegan Candida diet: Poznań, Berlin, Warsaw. ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? #vegancandidadiet #veganroadtrip

00:00 Start
00:05 Arriving to Poznań, Poland and heading to our favourite place.
00:44 One of the few dishes you can have oil-free when eating out.
01:00 Amazing specialty matcha place.
01:37 Some Poznań nature gems.
02:35 How to make easy meals at the apartment.
03:57 Candida friendly dessert place?!
04:14 Berlin, here we come!
05:03 Eating out in Berlin.
06:00 Grocery shopping in Berlin.
06:44 The only touristy thing we did in Berlin…
07:34 Arriving to Warsaw, city views, my perception.
08:06 Eating out in Warsaw.
10:17 Beautiful park in Warsaw + an awesome specialty coffee place.
11:16 And we’re back in Riga, Latvia. Having dinner and cakes.
12:04 Our accommodations in Riga, Poznań, Berlin and Warsaw.

Go and watch Part 1 for Riga and Kaunas.

Wypas (100% vegan)
Happa to mame (specialty matcha place, vegan mochi)
Kafej Wege (vegan Candida friendly desserts, ice cream and cakes)

Falla (vegan and vegetarian comfort food)
Stragan (specialty coffee, nice clean oatmeal with berries)
Inna Bakery (sourdough rye bread)
Jaglana (eatery with many vegan options)

Maloa Poke Bowl

The Visit Coffee Roastery (specialty coffee, matcha, great co-working space, vegan breakfast)

Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Leonardo Verde
Nice Cream Factory
Ministerstwo Kawy (specialty coffee, matcha, sometimes vegan cake options)

Vegestacja (vegan ice cream, too sweet for my taste)
Tel Aviv Urban Food (vegan restaurant, nice food, friendly staff)
Frankie’s (salad bowls and sandwiches, dressing was mostly oil though)
Slodki Bez (sugar-free, gluten-free vegan bakery)

The Beginnings
Miit (specialty coffee, matcha, vegan ramen, vegan cakes and breakfast)

Better Bread (GL, yeast-free sourdough bread, specialty coffee)
Rocket Bean Roastery (specialty coffee, matcha, breakfast)

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