Learn how to create flavorful Japanese dishes from the comfort of your kitchen with a virtual vegan cooking class held by BentoYa Cooking.

It is no secret that Japanese food is delicious. The fresh, well-balanced, and artfully presented dishes create elevated dining experiences that offer insights into Japanese customs. Given the growing prevalence of vegan and vegetarian diets, Japanese food culture has adapted to include plant-based dishes that embody the country’s complex flavors.

With an expert chef as your guide, learn how to cook Japanese staples with a vegan twist, such as unagi (eel), pork cutlet, and adorable bento boxes. Whether you follow the vegan diet or not, the class is an excellent opportunity to experience a different style of cooking, and afterwards, you have a tasty meal you can enjoy!

Your instructor and founder of the company, Akiko, along with her business partner Rina, are passionate about teaching sustainable, plant-based cooking methods that feature authentic Japanese flavors. From a young age, Akiko learned the secrets of Japanese food and often prepared meals for her family while they tended to their rice farm. This rural upbringing instilled in Akiko a respect for cooking, which is evident in her recipes today. Akiko started sharing her vegan expertise to domestic and international viewers online in 2020 via virtual cooking classes.
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What is Eat! Meet! Japan?

Eat! Meet! Japan is a project that recognizes and promotes the best Japanese food experiences nationwide. Commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF), the project provides an environment where tourists can enjoy unique Japanese food experiences even after multiple visits to Japan.

Eat! Meet! Japan brings people together through food and provides a window into the culture of the areas represented. These award-winning experiences demonstrate Japanese food as a gateway into topics like history, spirituality, sustainability, local agriculture, and craftsmanship.
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