Jokes about every diet ever as told by some of your favorite Dry Bar Comedians. In this first of its kind MEGA compilation we’ve packed together 2 hours of hilarious comedy revolving around every diet ever. Whether it’s a vegan diet, being a vegetarian or just being annoying this Dry Bar Comedy MEGA compilation has a little something for everyone and is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish, or at least for however long you watch it.

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Comedians featured in this compilation include:

VEGANS – 0:00

Karen Rontowski, Joe Bronzi, Collin Moulton, Alex Velluto, Lee Hardin, Matthew Jenkins, Larry Weaver, Jeff Applebaum, Jason Salmon, Kortney Shane Williams, Erica Rhodes, Andy Hendrickson, Travis Nelson, Karen Morgan, Bob Smiley, Josh Sneed,


Josh Fonokalafi, Glen Tickle, Brad Stine, Bryan Miller, Landry, Keith Barnay, Tony Deyo, Nancy Norton, Larry Omaha, Casey Peruski, Marty Pollio, James Gregory,

DIETS – 43:49

Jeff Applebaum, Jessi Campbell, Costaki Economopoulos, Rob Little, Paul Sheffield, Marc Yaffee, Landry, Jeff Allen, Corey Rodrigues, Heath Harmison, Sean Peabody, Robert G Lee,

GLUTEN FREE – 1:07:50

Drew Barth, Heath Harmison, Dwight Slade, Cash Levy, Kevin Bozeman, Kevin Jordan, Kortney Shane Williams, Jesse Egan,

KETO – 1:14:51

Jonnie W, Jeff Allen, Chris Strait, Rodney Norman

OTHER DIETS – 1:22:15

Susan Jones, Tom Voss, Costaki Economopoulos, Josh Sneed, Leanne Morgan, Steve Soelberg, Nikki Carr, Josh Fonokalafi, Chris Voth, Tom Mabe, Jessi Campbell, Scott Long, Danny Villalpando, Jenna Kim Jones, Rik Roberts, Leighann Lord, Cash Levy, Brain Aprille, Brandon Young, Rodney Norman, Steve Bruner,

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