It’s only taken me a solid 3 years to make this video… Here we go!! Old and wise Jade is doing things very differently than frizzy 13-yr old Jade. Though I’m no expert, I hope this helps you embrace your mane in some way!! 🤪

Overview of the process:
– Scalp oil or serum! I like coconut oil or castor oil. Here I used a clay mask:
– Shampoo! I use Function of Beauty or Act+Acre at the moment:
– Conditioner! I use a deeper moisturising conditioner when my hair is really dry, but otherwise use a normal conditioner like this amazing one by Noughty*:
– Wet brush*:
– Detangler: This incredible one that last foreverrrrr and has helped me out many times by Kinky Curly:
– Scrunch in the leave-in curl primer and taming potion from Trepadora into wet hair:
– I dry my hair using a T-shirt or a microfibre towel, like this one
– Apply an oil or serum for anti-frizz. I love this one by Noughty for shine*:

Note: Any links with a * are affiliate links which mean I receive a super small percentage of the cost if you do choose to buy something from there

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