Christian Koeder with “Vegan Nutrition: Separating the Evidence from Superstition”: This presentation is about the most important nutrients to focus on when planning healthy vegan diets. These nutrients are vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, and – these will be mentioned more briefly – iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, and protein. These are also the nutrients that are frequently described as “lacking” in the vegan diet by scientists, journalists as well as the general public. The presentation will focus on nutrient recommendations for vegans as well as the importance of addressing such recommendations, if we want to “create a vegan world”.


Who is Christian Koeder?

Christian Koeder became vegan in 1997. Since then he has explored different ways of vegan eating as well as different strategies of promoting veganism and of reducing the number of animals who are slaughtered. Christian has spent several years working in vegan restaurants and other vegan businesses. He has volunteered with many different vegan/animal rights organizations – mostly in England, Germany, Chile and India. His interest in veganism and animal rights led him to study nutritional sciences. Now it is his aim to publish science-based, practical vegan nutrition information which can hopefully help vegans stay healthy and help the vegan movement grow stronger. His perspective of the current vegan movement is that misinformation regarding vegan nutrition is widespread. This can harm vegans. It increases the “vegan drop-out rate”. And it lowers the credibility of the vegan movement.


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