Sharon Bolden went vegan for Lent and never looked back! Join our interview with Sharon to hear how her whole life changed from going vegan.

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Sharon Bolden started her vegan journey during Lent in 2014, when she began to feel healthy, younger, and full of life. She became a runner in her 50’s. Menopause disappeared and other minor illnesses. She started teaching and hosting free vegan brunches in her community.

For Sharon, Veganism was more than just not eating meat. Going vegan changed her whole life. She began to pay attention not just to her food, but to the world in general. It was all about body, mind, and spirit.

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Sharon’s Herbal Remedies:

For loss of taste – Ginger Tea. Buy fresh ginger, place in blender with spring water. Grind, strain and boil

For grief – Make a tea with the herbs below. Two cups a day. No sugar or agave. Use spring water.

St. John’s Wort
Golden seal

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