Today I am making my super quick “Taste Bud Trick” mock raw veggie “bacon” using just mushroom peels to help to transition to vegetarianism Enzymes rich living high nutrient food. Simple and zero waste too.

Remove the stems and pull these edges upward, They will come off as strips quite easily
I will save the whole mushrooms for another recipe idea i have, For now, i am using only these peels strips.
They are super thin and very dry and of course they are very bland, So I am enriching them by coating them in a Tbsp of melted raw butter
This will mimic the fat in the bacon also i am adding some liquid smoke for saltiness & umami.
Soy or Tamari sauce can be used instead if you cannot find liquid smoke easily
Mix well and leave for 10 minutes for these flavours to absorb in

I am adding my “bacon” in my raw bread wrap. I will link some raw bread recipes for you to check out:
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I am also adding some avocado and some raw fermented cheese, but the possibilities are infinite.
Close the wrap, cut it in slices and voila’ all done!
Nutrient dense, bursting with living enzymes, 100% raw vegetarian gourmet fast food & truly guilt free!
It squashes any unhealthy craving & it’s perfect in any weight-loss diet

***Most of all my super healthy, organic, raw, super foods, specialist, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, keto, fermented products are bought from Abel & Cole and Infinity Food Coop.***
***Most of all my fresh organic fruits & vegetables produces are bought from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose.***

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…Made and shared with love, thank you for your time…⏳

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