I personally struggled with lifelong severe eczema (among other health issues). It wasn’t until I started have celery juice combined with a whole food plant based diet where my skin finally cleared up for good! I brought this celery juice recipe into my life 4 years ago and it has really transformed my health. It helped completely clear up the debilitating and very painful eczema on my hands, really improving my digestion, my energy levels, improve allergies, stomach issues and chronic bloat, great for the endocrine system and inflammation, the list truly goes on.

It’s something that takes a minute to get into a routine but once you do it’s something I really crave and notice a big difference without it. Did I mention I’m completely caffeine free so celery juice is like my coffee lol.

This tips and tricks in the video really help to make it more palatable and easy to make! Have more questions about it, drop them below and send to a friend who may benefit from trying it.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, this is for educational purposes only and to share my own story and should not be a substitute for medical advice.

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