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1) The History of Utilitarianism | Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

2) Moral Vegetarianism | Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

3) An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation | Jeremy Bentham, 1789

4) The Strongest Argument for Veganism | Effective Altruism Foundation:

Loose workings for how many cows my dairy consumption will kill (for a reason unknown to me, this text didn’t render on the video, sorry): Based on my current rate of dairy consumption (1 litre milk + 500g of cheese per week) I’ll consume another 15,600 litres of milk if I reach 82. The average cow produces 49,780 litres of milk throughout its life, and for every cow there is a culled bull and a child that’s taken away.


00:00 Why Make it Easy?
02:48 Can They Suffer?
06:53 Unnecessary Harm
16:02 An Arbitrary Definition
19:34 Two Sovereign Masters
27:58 Why Not Vegan?!

#vegan #philosophy #morality

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