Pure vegetarian recipe from Sai Vegetarian Kitchen i.e.without any egg, garlic and/or onion.
Go Green!!! Go Vegetarian!!! Let’s Save Our Planet by Going Green!!!
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3pcs Green Mango 青芒果
1pc Green Apple 青苹果
250gm Yam Bean 沙葛
360gm Pineapple 黄梨
200gm Guava 番石榴
1pc Cucumber 黄瓜
1pc Chinese Crullers 炸油条
3pcs Ginger Flower Petal 姜花瓣
2pc Chilli Padi 指天椒
250gm Toasted Groundnut 烤花生
3Tbs Toasted Sesame Seed 烤芝麻
2Tbs Dark Soya Sauce 黑酱油
2Tbs Soya Sauce 酱油
1Tbs Veg. Fish Sauce 素鱼露
60gm Palm Sugar 椰糖
4Tbs Sugar 糖
10gm Veg. Belachan Powder 素峇拉煎粉
5Tbs Chilli Paste 辣椒糊
1pc Nori Seaweed 紫菜
80gm Tamarind 罗望子
360ml Water 水

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