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There’s a typical preconception that veggie/vegan food sources are “Bland & Boring.” But it most certainly doesn’t need to be, I now laugh when people think a non meat diet equals rabbit food! There’s so much more to plant-based diets than i ever knew, In fact since I’ve stopped eating meat & fish my diet has become A LOT more varied because it opened a world to foods I would never have come across. Also a bonus is that you lose the unwanted fat on your body!
The amount of rice, pulses, lentils, beans that can be turned into amazing meals is incredible – it just requires knowing about it.

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I personally wanted to adopt a healthier diet into my lifestyle and reduce the amount of meat I ate. Not only for health reasons but I’m also keen on decreasing my carbon impression and preserving the planet’s natural resources

Numerous studies have shown that changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet has multiple medical advantages it keeps weight gain under control and even promotes weight loss.
Scientific research suggests that eating plant-based highly decreases the risk of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and several types of cancers. Choosing a veggie lover diet can make you live longer and have a better quality to life in your overall health.

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